27 February 2010

Request: Radiation

Someone at our school asked me to do a really simple t-shirt with a radiation sign on it. Pretty simple. Since it was so simple I tried to make it a bit more creative so I added my trademark bomb in the image.
I haven't posted something in a while so here's something.

Burger Instruction

Do you know how to make a hamburger by yourself? Use this t-shirt and you'll never forget it! Who said t-shirts weren't educational? Nobody.

                Denis L.

Traveler's Awesome!


17 February 2010

Special Request

TeeBone's first custom request was from someone whose name i won't say, for Valentine's Day.
She asked me to design a t-shirt for her boyfriend, cute, with the love spirit, but at the same time something that wouldn't be too lame
So how would you do it?
This is what I came up with.

Printed out and sold.
Costumer satisfied :)


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16 February 2010

Finished Shoes

Whaddya Think?


14 February 2010

Freeze Crew In Lisbon

On the 11th of Febrary 2010, 4 people of the Freeze Crew, including me and Simon, went to Lisbon, partly because we had to do a photoshoot with the masks we previously made, partly because we didnt have an art performance a long time ago. So we headed out fo rthe night.

Here's some pictures and the videos of the night!

Heres Part 1 video

Part 2

09 February 2010

Birthday Boy!/Travaler's IPod Touch

Yeah it's Simon's birthday, adn i just want to give a shout out to MTV, cuz it's the most f*cking retarded channel that people actually watch. Thank You

Happy B-Day Simon!

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07 February 2010

Some of my stuff

So like I told you, I'm going to show you a couple of things I've done so far.

Yeah I did actually print this one BUT, it looked like crap because I was limited to an A4 page size and printed on the tshirt looked too weird, but anyway here's the image.
Thinking of tee'ing:

I might change the colors on this one, but I like it BOOM
Comment and other stuff ;D

Sneak a Peak

Upcoming Project

I layed my hands on a pair of fake Nike's, that were around 5$ in China. As they were all white, it was quite easy to make it into a canvas.

More Pics When The Project Is Finished

Keep Checking!

06 February 2010


Hey ya'll. Finally Simon will speak to the world!
So apparently I am going to work on the html of the blog so FOR NOW, you might find the blog all f*ck'd up and weird with bad colors that will melt your eyes, but cut me some slack, it will look all prettyfull in no time!
I'm going to post some of my work soon too but not now 'cause I'm sick and I think that, obviously, you should all know that.

05 February 2010

Still To Come

Denis L. - White Champagne

Denis L. - Lemon-Aid
I want to thank Corey for this idea

Denis L. - Life and Death


My second finished t-shirt

Denis L. - Citrus-cide

So what about this shirt?

This t-shirt was inspired from the series "The Annoying Orange" and combined with what I think is the best-looking fruit, the lemon. Now of course it wouldn't be pouring lemonade out, so it would somehow be a grapefruit with a lemon shape.
PS: In the t-shirt pic, the design is reflected, as when it was printed, we forgot to reflect before.

Nachos: Om Nom Nom

This would be the first t-shirt made from TeeBone

Denis L. - Om Nom Nom

So what about this shirt?
Well, this came from a joke I made while playing "Taboo Word"(the one that you have to describe a word without saying it until the other person guesses it), when the word was "Sauce" and i just stood up and made a weak fap movement. Which wasn't explicit at all. The dirty minds made the work.
Anyway, after that, the challenge was to make a shirt from this word


So what better than nachos?
Delicious Om Nom Nom!


03 February 2010

Who Are We?

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An introduction to our brand new blog, The TeeBone

We are a crew that produces various art pieces, although in this blog we will be aminly covering t-shirt designs.

"What crew?" you ask. For a lack of a better word, i will reffer this group as a crew.
The Crew is a group of friends who are studying art at the moment.
The Crew was formed 5 seconds ago.
The Crew will make fine art.
You will like it.
The Crew will make random stuff, which you will want to buy but then you realise we dont ship internationaly yet so you will say "FCUK!"

The Crew is not an actual crew.

Me and Simon will be looking after this blog, as admins.
And from time to time, we may have collaborations with the rest of our arts class(AKA The Freeze Crew)(yes it is a crew now), if they want to.

So stay tuned for more!