25 April 2010


Let's change the routine a little bit. This time it's something totally different, not the cute looking designs, a bit more contemporary.

Remember Mirror's Edge?

Also, another possibility for the skulls design.

Feedback is welcome. Keep it coming!

Remake: Empaled Hippy Skull

So heres the remake. Hope you like it (got some good feedback from the female population, SHOWER ME WITH SOME LOVE HONEYS!)


Yeah so I'm remaking the skull-chich kebab-hippy.
So D3 sends me a message on msn messenger while I'm working on the new skull, I open the message and when I reopen the skull to continue working on it, it kinda blew up unexpectadly. And it looked really cool. And now here it is:

Lemon Aid (Alt Version)

Try searching for "Lemon Aid" on Google. You'll see a pic that is similar to my "Lemon Aid" design. I was totally unaware of this until someone pointed out. So I made a new version of "Lemon Aid"

Remember Pulp Fiction?

24 April 2010

Vote for Us!

This is my first submission to threadless.com It's a variation of Life and Death, posted a few months back


Remember Lemon-Aid? This is version 2.0
More remakes will be made on our old designs to get the blog ready to sell the shirts.

23 April 2010


Hey everybody!
I got the idea of this thanks to my arts history teacher. He showed our class a photo of this romanic sculpture of some creature that looked lonely, that was in a church. So yeah I thought it might look good on a tshirt:

19 April 2010

The Extropy

This logo was made for our band, The Extropy.
We are still starting, doing covers, just having fun.