30 March 2010


We went to see Joana Vasconcelo's exhibition in Belém.

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20 March 2010


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A Blast From The Past

This was the first time we made an art performance. We got to be on TV for a few seconds in the first part and a fast glimpse of the second part.

Freeze Crew premiered in FIL, with some ex members in this video.

14 March 2010

Fashion Show: Moda Lisboa

Hey ya'll! We got another video of yet another trip to Lisbon, this time to check out a fashion show of a portuguese designer called Ana Salazar (Invitation only event woo), footage taken last friday. We went on this trip to study a bit about fashion and etc due to what we're currently doing in our Drawing classes at our school.

So here's our adventure filled with turkish kebabs, indian video clips, well dressed Cans, 9 pieces of gum, wierd people, celebrities, cows, Suzy, snakes and martinis.

Freeze Crew In Sintra

Long time since we posted something up, but we came back with another trip. This time you will get to meet the rest of the team. We went to Sintra, a place on the west side of Lisbon.

Give us feedback, suggestions about the videos. If you like them, we will make more!

I don't know why, but the second part always comes with less quality than the first part, although they are made and uploaded the same way..

Anyway enjoy!

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