03 February 2010

Who Are We?

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An introduction to our brand new blog, The TeeBone

We are a crew that produces various art pieces, although in this blog we will be aminly covering t-shirt designs.

"What crew?" you ask. For a lack of a better word, i will reffer this group as a crew.
The Crew is a group of friends who are studying art at the moment.
The Crew was formed 5 seconds ago.
The Crew will make fine art.
You will like it.
The Crew will make random stuff, which you will want to buy but then you realise we dont ship internationaly yet so you will say "FCUK!"

The Crew is not an actual crew.

Me and Simon will be looking after this blog, as admins.
And from time to time, we may have collaborations with the rest of our arts class(AKA The Freeze Crew)(yes it is a crew now), if they want to.

So stay tuned for more!



Sofia&Luís said...

Freeze Crew <33 :D Que blog tao fofi. x'D

E ir um dia para a baixa fazer algo?

(sem as máscaras pls -.-'' o gato é coco)


Finwe said...

u dont ship internationally FCUK!!!!!
dsclpem xD